Ring Resizing & Repair

I recommend finding out your ring size prior to ordering as there is a charge for ring re-sizing (starting at $20.) If for whatever reason you do need your ring re-sized, please contact me and let me know you are sending it back and I will let you know the exact re-sizing charge. You can either send a check for that amount with the ring or I can send you an email invoice. Re-sizing of my ring designs start at $20 with most of my spinner rings ranging from $20-30 to re-size and my stone set designs ranging from $30-50 to re-size.

  To return a ring for re-sizing follow these steps:

  1. Contact me at kyle@stonesthrowjewelry.com to find out what the ring resize fee will be.

  2. I will send you and email invoice for the repair fee (or you can send the payment in cash along with the ring.)

  3. Mail the ring back to me at:

         Stones Throw Studio
         5247 Meadow Creek Dr
         Austin, TX 78745

  • Please send a note with the ring stating the new size when you mail it

  • Ship the ring in the same type of packaging that you received it in,

  • Make sure that it is postage paid and properly tracked and insured.